爱捣蛋的 Neil 和菲菲想在录音间里边喝咖啡边录节目,但规定严禁在录音间里喝任何饮品,所以他俩正在计划如何把咖啡给带进去。听节目,学习一个形容“危险已过”的说法。


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Neil:Hello, I"m Neil.


Neil:So do you want a cup of coffee then, Feifei?

Feifei:Yes, but you know the rules! 录音间里不能喝任何饮料!

Neil:Well that is the rule but nobody"s looking so maybe we could sneak two cups in?

Feifei:Sneak two cups in? 偷偷地拿两杯咖啡进来?OK, you keep an eye out for the boss and I"ll grab the coffee from the kitchen.

Neil:…ok, the coast is clear!

Feifei:The coast is clear “海岸线明朗清澈”?你怎么知道?We"re nowhere near the seaside.

Neil:We don"t need to be – it"s just a saying. "The coast is clear" means it"s safe to do something because nobody is watching – so we won"t get caught.

Feifei:我明白了。原来在英语里,“the coast is clear”这个说法的意思是“已经没有危险”或“没有被发现或抓住的危险了”。人们常在做不被允许的事情时用这个说法。So we"re being a bit naughty, aren’t we Neil?

Neil:Yes that"s right – hopefully nobody will ever find out what we"re doing! Let"s hear some more examples of this phrase.


I really wanted to know what my birthday present was, so when the coast was clear, I unwrapped it – I guess I"ve spoilt my surprise now!

The coast is clear so make a run for it before you get caught!

Feifei:表达 the coast is clear 的意思就是“危险已过”,可以开始安全地做一件事情了。Right Neil, is the coast still clear?

Neil:Yes, but quick before someone comes. Quick… someone"s coming!


Oh hello Feifei… are you making coffee for the team? Thanks - I"ll take those from you shall I? You wouldn"t want to be caught drinking those in the studio now, would you? You know the rules! See ya.

Feifei:Err, see you later, Debbie. Oh dear Neil, it looks like the coast wasn"t clear.

Neil:I think we got away with it. Anyway, that"s the end of the programme. What shall we do now?


Neil:Coffee! Good idea, let"s go.



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